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If you are new to the Hoop Community and feel sticker shock when you learn the price of an adult hula hoop, you might find yourself saying, "I don't get it...Why can I buy hula hoops at Wal-Mart for $7.00, but other hoops are so much more?"

Be prepared! Mysteries of the universe are explained. Well, ok...that might be exaggerating. Let's begin by understanding the different types of hoops!  What in the world does that mean?

Day Hoops are considered a regular hoop (Beginners Hooop). No, you can't buy it at the store. Not yet, anyway. This hoop is typically heavy, black tubing, used for irrigation. Luckily, we won't be irrigating anything. These Day Hoops are great for beginners and 'first-timers'. Bigger, heavier tubing allows the user to adjust better to all of the beginner's needs. Beginner/Day Hoop Users discover these hoops are actually slower, and must be guided. Day Hoops follow your movements, taking your lead. So, when you begin, the hoop takes a good deal of force to get going and sustain. 

Day Hoops can be beautifully decorated with hoop tape. Hoop tape is usually "grippy" in that the surface of the tape is NOT slick, but adds some friction, only adding to the success of the first time/beginner User. Give it just a little bit of time, and a whole lotta hooping, your body will know exactly what it's doing before your brain realizes it! Watch out for euphoria...it might make you smile! Usually, the beginner Hooper transforms into something extraordinary....a 'New & Modern' Hooper who only craves to learn more!

Polypro Hoops...this is what you get if Unicorns and Elves had a baby: Are Polypro Hoops really magical? The jury is still out on that one. But, we will tell you what we DO KNOW: Polypro is short for Polypropylene, and is a plastic tubing. Most advanced hoopers use it to dance with. You can click here to go to our page for that kind of magic. What kind of magical powers does this tubing have? Well, Polypro tubing comes in different sizes and colors (even translucent), doesn't necessarily require tape, is lighter, very responsive, and preferred by most magical creatures.

I heard Harry Potter created HDPE tubing, but most adults would have you know the truth. HDPE Hula hoops are actually High-Density Polyethylene tubing. The hoop community debates about what's better. HDPE tends to be a bit stiffer, but yet still preferable. I can say, as a hoop maker, it does tend to be brittle. That being said, do not ever leave your hoops outside or in the car, overnight. Long exposures to the elements will typically shorten the life of the tubing. There's no magic to fix that. ever. never.

It's all been tongue-in-cheek and a whole lotta fun to explain. Now, let's get to the nitty-gritty, the real meat, the substance of who we are as hoop makers. We, for the most part, are all small businesses. It takes time, money, and effort to do social advertising, marketing, research, connecting, invoicing, website building; that's only the first half of the day! We are also producing as many goods as humanly possible to spread the magic and love to all of those who CRAVE it! What you, the buyer, should know is that the hoop doesn't come to us already made. We have to purchase ALL different kinds of tubing, rivets, fancy tapes (click HERE to see more information), non-fancy tapes, tools, and other goods to put one magnificent creature (the hoop) together. Hoop makers incur more expenses than you think! Fancy tapes are not sold locally (so we pay out shipping/handling), are very expensive, and may or may not sell the tape. Tubing can be very expensive and does not always yield as much as we had expected; especially since everyone has unique sizes they require It's a hand-crafted hoop that could take up to a few HOURS to make, depending on what type of hoop you are making. Ultimately, what I am trying to relate is, not all products are purchased, even when all the money required to make one hoop goes out. So, a lot of time, effort and Money are put forth into this small business.

BEFORE MAKING THE PURCHASE, you should be asking yourself the following questions:

1.What kind of tubing is this and is it quality tubing ( like polypro or HDPE) ? Is it for fitness or dance?

2. What kind of tape is being used. Is it quality tape? What is the purpose of the tape? 

3. Is this collapsible? Are there any connectors? How many are there? (if there are to many, you risk a ware and tear quickly.)

4. Are there any directions included to care for my hoop?

5. Am I buying a child's toy? If so, is it going to last longer and have  better quality than the dollar store hoops?

6. So, if I am paying less than $10 for a hoop, am I getting what I paid for? Hoop makers are artists and they should be paid for their time and efforts. Was this one commercially produced?

7. How do I know what kind of hoop to purchase based on what I will be doing with it. There are different kinds of hoops: fitness (we sell those HERE), beginners (we also sell those HERE) , travel, fire, dance,glow in the dark, LED, weighted, polished aluminum, Doubles, Mini's, taped, naked, and collapsible. Some hoops are better for off body hooping and some are definitely better for on body.How to select your hoop that is just right for you.

8. Do they have a discount if I buy more or even a bulk rate price?

9. Do my hoops require batteries or chargers?

10. Are there any on-line lessons to help the buyer learn?

Even though I wish I could employ little magical elves to do all my hoop making, and yes, I have a magical wand-it's in the repair shop at the current moment....I am a proud hoop maker. Even more so, I'm glad to spread the love. Please know that our hoops are so much more than a plastic circle. Texas Hoop Company takes pride, effort, creativity, and time to provide a quality instrument to do your bidding! Now, go forth young Jedi's and conquer the universe, one hoop at a time!


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