How to care for your Hula Hoop

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Hoops, overall, are durable. But, we know you want to extend the lifespan of your hoop! Depending on what kind you have, what elements they are exposed to, and if they are decorated will require different ways of caring for them.We want to ensure the most successful hooping experience possible! BEFORE YOU BEGIN HOOPING, PLEASE READ & FOLLOW ALL OF THE INSTRUCTIONS!

First Steps:

1. Open hoop (adult size) and lay on flat surface, at room temperature, exposed to sunlight.

2. Let hoop relax & expand to its original shape (expand for 3-5 hours for best results) This also holds true for reshaping. Hold your hoop in vertical position, distorted area on the ground. Push down gently.

3. If your hoop still needs a little more help, use a blow dryer (for a few minutes) to the needed area.

4. To connect a “Push Button”(connects both ends of hoop together): push the button down and slide insert connector piece into the hoop. You may have to slightly push into place.

5. Disconnect your hoop: push down the button and slightly tug tubing pieces away from each other.

   * Polypro & HDPE Hoops*

1.Unravel your collapsed hoop. Let it relax and breath for several hours in room temperature, exposed to sunlight. This allows the tubing to expand and return to its’ original shape.

2. If it still needs a little help, gently apply pressure to the needed area.

3. Start hooping as this will also help the hoop return to its original shape.

   *Collapsible Hoops*

Some collapsible hoops break apart into 3 up to 8 pieces. they are normally stored in their parts. The more joints you have on a hoop, the more chances you have in damaging your hoop.

Hoop Use:

1. If your hoop has been propped up for long periods of time or has been sitting exposed in the sun, it changes shape. If your hoops get warped in this way (becoming oval, or just uneven) you can just bend the hoop gently back into a circle or lie it flat for a while and it will become a nice circle again.

2. Avoid exposing your hoop(s) to water, damp conditions, and long periods of heat.

3. BE MINDFUL of OUTSIDE hooping: Hooping on driveways, gravel, concrete, and asphalt can scuff and damage hoop tape/tubing. Carpet, grass, and smooth flooring are much easier on your custom hoop.

4. BE MINDFUL of INSIDE hooping: check what is around you. We suggest you stand in the hoop to become mindful of space awareness.

5. If hooping in tight areas, make sure you move any furniture, lamps, pets, small children, and fans.

6. If you experience difficulty keeping up the hoop, CHECK YOUR CLOTHING. Some clothing is slippery, preventing the friction needed to keep it up. Consider changing into another outfit.

Care For:

  1. We’re confident YOUR HOOP will LOVE YOU back if you show it some love (strongly recommended)!
  2. Store your hoop at room temperature, in a flat position.
  3. Clean your hoop by wiping it over with a slightly damp cloth. Do not use anything abrasive on your tape.
  4. Best storage of your hoop is when you lie it flat (keeps it’s curvy shape longer). You can place it under the bed or couch. Do not leave for prolonged periods propped against the wall OR hang from a hook.

5.Stay away from distorting your hoop by squeezing the sides together.

6.Prolong the Hoop life and DON’T leave it in the car. Constant exposure to cold/heat will cause the tubing to expand and contract, possibly making it brittle and cause cracking/breaking.

7.LED Hoops should be handled with lots of love and care. Abrupt moves, like breaks, paddles, reversals, and wedgies may apply more force than the tubing can withstand. These moves should be done with care.

8.When collapsing your hoop to travel, never collapse it smaller than 20” in diameter. LED/Smart Hoops are not meant to double coil! This is when you coil them around and re-connect. Don’t do it. You could cause cracks and destroy the boards inside.

Want more? :

Want to learn on-body and off-body tricks? Are you ready to learn how to dance with the hoop? Maybe you want to have a workout at the gym with your fitness hoop! Check us out on YOU TUBE, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, AND Pinterest to find all of your tutorial needs! Get your friends together to learn new moves together! Any new skill can seem difficult at first, but I promise it comes easier with practice. Believe me when I say a lot of tricks come accidentally!

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