GET SHIT DONE Essential Oil,  .34 Oz ROLL ON

GET SHIT DONE Essential Oil, .34 Oz ROLL ON

  • $ 15.00

GET SHIT DONE is an essential oil for those who are NOT INTO WHINING and are a NO-NONSENSE kind of person. Ditch the drama and organize your life, pursue personal transformation, make dreams come alive, and be successful! GET SHIT DONE smells like money in the making, characterized with Citrus smells and commands the attention to peppermint with a splash of Bergamot to relieve stress! GET SHIT DONE is a scent that will help you look and feel your best, motivation all the way to relaxation.

Apply to pulse points and it will emit for hours.  You can even apply it to your workspace, car, or even better your gym bag! To use, Gently shake the bottle to disperse the essential oil. You can press it into the air, directly onto your Linens, or just on to yourself to promote Positive Vibes. Not recommended for children.

* Disclaimer: this product is for external use only. Do not ingest. While essential oils are safe for the most commercial grade perfumes, they are still concentrated oils. You as an individual may have a different reaction. It is recommended to do a patch test on the skin to see if you have a skin sensitivity to the essential oil. Discontinue use if you have a negative reaction.