GYPSY SOUL Essential Oil,  .34 Oz. ROLL ON

GYPSY SOUL Essential Oil, .34 Oz. ROLL ON

  • $ 15.00

GYPSY SOUL is a natural fragrance for the modern bohemian. Gypsy soul has loud spicy character and is coupled with smooth notes of Sandalwood, Ylang-Ylang and commands the attention to those who are adventurous, enthusiastic, and maybe even a Wanderer.

To use, Shake vigorously to disperse the essential oil. You can split it into the air, or directly onto your Linens, or just on to yourself to promote Positive Vibes. Not recommended for children.

Apply to pulse points and it will admit four hours. Diluted with fractionated coconut oil, Rose witch-hazel, and Cheyenne spring water.

Available in two sizes: a 2 oz body spray and .34 Oz roll on.

Disclaimer: this product is external use only, do not ingest. While essential oils are safer than most commercial grade perfumes, they are still concentrated oils and each individual may have a different reaction. It is recommended to do a patch test on skin to see if you may have a skin sensitivity to essential oils. Disontinue use if you have a negative reaction.