Large Apache Tears

Large Apache Tears

  • $ 4.00

Large Apache tears, black obsidian tumbled stone.

These Stones range anywhere from 75 in to 1 and 1/2 in length. They have a deep beautiful black color and have been polished to a beautiful shine.

You will receive one Apache Tear and and organza, already blessed and saged. We will choose Stone specifically for you. Stones may vary slightly and color, shape and size.

Apache tears are a part of the obsidian family found in areas of Arizona, Nevada and New Mexico. They are a type of natural volcanic glass. They're usually roundish and shape and dark brown to Black. Sun maybe slightly translucent. 

 the Apache Indians inhabited the areas in which these are found. Legend says that a group of Apache Native American Indians were being pursued by the calvary and significantly outnumbered. It is said that rather than being captured and murdered, they rode their horses off the edge of a cliff. The widows of these Warriors came to the site. They cried what were described as dark tears whereinthey hit the earth below turned to Stone.

Apache tears are Stone of grounding, a strong force against negativity and able to absorb negative energy. Apache tears carry similar properties to those of black obsidian. Because of the legend that surrounds them, Apache tears have become a staple for those dealing with grief and emotional distress


*disclaimer* metaphysical properties are provided for informational purposes only and are not meant to replace advice of a qualified medical professional.