Large Malachite Stone

  • $ 6.00

Large tumbled malachite Stone ranges from 75 in to a little over 1 inch in length. This premium malachite tumbled Stone is Rich with dark green colors and beautiful patterns of bull's-eyes, swirls, and Lacey bands. You will love the light color to deep color variations!

Malachite is a must-have addition to your Crystal collection It's probably one of the most versatile and Powerful healing stones. It has a long history that extends to ancient Egyptians, Greeks and Romans that used it in jewelry,architecture and religious ceremonies. It was considered an authority of protection for the wearer. If you are a Healer, this is and every day Stone you would want to carry with you at all times. It balances energy, can help with physical ailments, and help through traumatic transformations. It is a leadership Stone as well as a stone of Health / healing. Great for psychic vision and can be used on the third eye. Can be used to release inhibitions and promotes expressions of feeling. Socially it helps with empathy, lessons shyness and supports friendship.

*Disclaimer: metaphysical properties are provided for informational purposes only and are not meant to replace any advice of a qualified medical professional.