Large Opalite Stone

  • $ 4.00

Large tumbled Opalite Stone ranges from I-75 in to 1 inch in length. These gorgeous and translucent rainbow reflecting stones are polished, and very smooth; they feel amazing in your hand. Although they're technically not a crystal, it is manufactured from natural Sam materials that has opalescent  qualities of the natural opal. They have a bluish cast to them but also show rainbow like tones in the light.

You will receive one stone in an organza bag come already blessed and Sage. We will choose Stone specifically for you. Stones very slightly in color, shape, and size.

Opalite is known to have calming, relaxing, and balancing characteristics. Opalite can also be associated with absolute positivity, and very highly energetic. It's stabilized is mood swings and helps overcome fatigue. It can give strength and verbalizing truth and can also be helpful to be successful in business.

* Disclaimer: metaphysical properties are provided for informational purposes only and are not meant to replace advice of a qualified medical professional.