Mookaite tumbled Stone

  • $ 3.00

Mookaite tumbled Stone ranges from half an inch to 1 inch and a quarter in length. Exotic and rare, it originates from Western Australia. Each piece features beautiful colored bands and swirls and many color combinations. It is ideal for a pocket stone or even wire wrapping as a pendant.

Mookaite is thought to have protective and nurturing characteristics. Mookaite can be used as an energizing Stone when you need a extra Giddy Up and Go. Use it for your imagination and creativity when starting projects. Mookaite can also be associated with protection from dangerous situations and negative Energies. It will deeply nurture and support you in time of stress, change and transition. Great to have on him when you're having difficulty making tough decisions.

*Disclaimer: metaphysical properties are provided for informational purposes only and are not meant to replace advice of a qualified medical professional.