Mystic Merlinite Stone

  • $ 9.00

Mystic merlinite tumbled Stone is roughly .75" in length. This beautiful stone is a lovey pattern of black and Indigo marbling. It has been polished to a smooth, natural shiny finish.

 You will receive your Mystic merlinite and an organza bag, already blessed and saged. We will choose Stone specifically for you. Stones very slightly and color, shape, and size.

Mystic merlinite, it is considered a very powerful and magical stone. It has been used for Shamanism, scrying, definition and ceremonies. It is also important for those to practice Reiki and Crystal healing. Mystic merlinite is a great tool to bring and Fortune into your life. It enhances your psychic gifts and promotes spiritual growth.

*Disclaimer: metaphysical properties are provided for informational purposes only and are not meant to replace any advice of a qualified medical professional.