Polychrome Jasper stone

Polychrome Jasper stone

  • $ 2.00

This incredibly unique tumbled Stone fairies and Link from a quarter of an inch to an inch long. These stones have amazing fans of orange and white and brown that are only Amplified by its Chrome base color with a light shine.

You'll receive one stone in an organza, already blessed and staged. We will choose Stones specifically for you. Stones very slightly color shape and size.

Polychrome Jasper is connected to the element of fire. Jasper and general is a soothing Stone, sometimes referred to as the Supreme nurturer. With it swirls of mixing colors, polychrome Jasper, or desert Jasper is a stone that is not only grounding in nature but one that embodies Elemental fire. Find passion, creativity, vibrancy, vitality and action with this Stone.

Polychrome Jasper is relativity a recent discovery out of Madagascar call back 2006.

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