Quantum Quattro Stone

Quantum Quattro Stone

  • $ 8.00

Quantum Quattro Stone is a small tumbled Stone ranging from half an inch to 3/4 of an inch. These stones have a vibrant mixture of greens and blues finished with a deep shine. This particular stone is rich in personality because it has so many inclusions, pits, cracks and veins that make it truly one of Nature's incredible variations!

You will receive your stone in an organza, already blessed and saged. We will choose your stone specifically for you. Stones very slightly in color, shape and size.

Quantum Quattro is thought to have healing, protection, and better communication characteristics. It will cleanse your energy field and protect you from negativity. The frequency of this Stone connects to the third eye, throat, heart and Earth star chakra. It stimulates communication and intuition, It is believed to have a deep peaceful, loving and protective impact for those who wear it. It releases blockages of repressed negative emotions and provides inner strength in times of prolonged stress. 

 Quantum Quattro is a mixture of several kinds of components such as malachite, Azurite, criscola and courts. There was only one type of quantum Quattro silica and this world with that pattern which makes it a rarity.

Disclaimer*  Metaphysical properties are provided for informational purposes only and I don't not meant to replace the advice of a qualified medical professional.